A Guide to Funnel Hacking

As you know hacking is a serious crime but when we talk about Clickfunnels and its funnel hacking feature then it becomes legal because not everyone can come up with the same idea so if someone is getting benefit from others then it can be a win-win situation for both of them.

As in the funnel hacking, you can dig into other people’s funnels and then using their funnels to sell your own product.

This is the simplest and easiest way to start your business without laying a hand in marketing funnels and building your own funnels from scratch.

You can use customer journey flow to start your business from scratch with the help of other people funnels and in this way, you do not have to work hard and can put your business above from others in just days.

A Guide to Funnel Hacking

Step by Step guide to funnel hacking

Step 1: List out a few competitors to investigate

The first step is to check what are your competitors are selling and if they are selling the same thing as you do you can take advantage of their sales funnels.

For this, you can check your Facebook, chances are that you will find a similar advertiser to your product as well and then you can hack him as you do.

Ther can be other things as well as your competitor can be direct as well as indirect. The competitor may be top of the market but it can be that it is not selling the same product that you are finding.

Step 2: Go through their funnel

Funnel is the main source of attracting a customer and making them aware of your product. But you can not access the whole funnel of your competitor so if you did access work very fast and take screenshots of every single detail.

Screenshot everything their website, their email, their opt-in copy.  The goal is to screenshot every single thing of your competitor marketing funnel tactics so you can use them for your own benefits.

If you are doing this the best thing to take the screenshot is the screenshotting tool of your computer so the picture would be clear so you can understand the tactics.

For instance, you should make every screenshot folder with their specific name.

For example, if you took a screenshot of the opt-in page then you should put that copy in the opt-in website folder so you could have to waste time finding the screenshot when you want to use it.

This arranging can make your work easier than ever.

Step 3: Make a note of the sales trigger

When you are funnel hacking put this in your mind that the entire point of doing this thing is to capture all the tactics of your competitors mean you should take note and copy every message and leverage the same flow that they use to influence the customer for buying their product. Messages can be really handy as they will help you attract customers as well.

We have taken out a few examples for you so take a look at them. 

  • Common messaging
  • Common phrases 
  • Common words used in the marketing copy
  • How they frame headlines and subject lines
  • What kind of social proof they have
  • Whether they present their webinar, ebook or any kind of videos on their front end landing pages
  • How many steps the funnel takes to complete
  • Whether they have an email follow up sequence or not
  • Product price points
  • Landing page and sales funnels

At first, you will get confused or will get afraid of who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong. Every competitor has a different mindset and you should not emulate every competitor’s thing in your market.

As you will go to the funnel tunnel then you will recognize what is good and what is bad for your product and what is trending in the market nowadays.

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