Apps Every Young Adult Must Have on their Phones

While the majority of young adults spend their time on social media apps, there are also alot of other apps that are crucial for them to have on their phones. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube don’t groom young adults into better people or they don’t keep them secure either. These apps are important to have since they teach you something new or they generally turn you into a better person.

However, to get these apps on your phone and to run them flawlessly, you need to make sure you have the kind of internet that is considered the best in the United States. An example would be Xfinity internet plans that not only give you brilliant internet but also give you a fairly reasonable price tag so you could make the best out of your internet experience.

Apps Every Young Adult Must Have

Back to the apps you need to have on your phone, here are some apps that you definitely need to have on your phone so that you could turn into a productive young adult:


Do you feel like you have a spending problem or just can’t seem to figure out a budget that would help you save some money? That is exactly what the Level app is for; it can help you manage your finances so that you could save some money on the side as well. All you have to do is let the app know how much you make and the app will tell you how much you need to spend every day which would help you save up a substantial amount as well.

You can also connect the app to your bank account so that it is updated instantly and you need to tell the app how much you spend on bills in a month so that it could calculate better. You may also tell the app how much you intend on saving and the app will set a budget for you and all you need to do is to stay within that budget.

Google Drive or Google Photos

Having Cloud Storage on your phone is very important since it not only backs up your photos and videos automatically but it also stores your WhatsApp chat backup if you have an Android phone. This way, when you switch to another Android phone, you can port all your chats from one phone to another. Similarly, when you have all your photos and video backed up on Google Drive or Google Photos, you can access them on any platform including a phone, a PC, or even a laptop.

This keeps your data safe and you get to keep it online, removing the fear that you might lose your important photos and videos if something happened to your phone. The best part about getting Google Drive is that it gives you 15GB of free storage in contrast to Dropbox Which only gives you 2GB of free storage.


Many young adults do not realize how important sleep is and how it plays a vital role in the growth of your body and your mind. This is why they neglect sleep and sleep for only a couple of hours at night. However, if you have a hard time sleeping, then you should have Calm on your phone since it can help you fall asleep quite easily.

In the app, you can listen to soothing sounds, and different stories and even meditate as you try to fall asleep. The app is even helpful if you have anxiety since it can help calm your anxiety and bring your stress levels back to normal. So be sure to have this app on your phone to manage your anxiety and improve your sleep pattern.


Sending money to each other has never been easier, Venmo allows you to send and receive money instantaneously without having to rely on your banking service alone. Let’s just say you just had lunch with your friends and wish to transfer their money as soon as you can, that is when Venmo comes in handy and you can send money right in the instant. You need to make sure you have Venmo on your phone so that you could transfer money fast; it is a great app to have in case of emergencies.

This cuts down the need to go to an ATM or even to draw money out of your bank so that you could pay someone back. All you need to do is to open the app and make the transfer, which is as easy as ABC!

Wrapping Up

Now that you are an adult, you should definitely have these apps on your phone since they

would make everything very convenient for you and would add ease to your life. Being a

young adult isn’t easy but these apps can try and make your life a bit easier though!

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