Top 7 Latest Best Dialer App for Android 2020 [ Exclusive ]

Stock dialers on Android devices are definitely reliable, but sometimes you might want more if you are looking for phone Dialer apps to customizing your Android user experience. So you come to the right place, here I created the list of Best Dialer app for android according to their extra additional features and user experience.

Android’s default Dialer apps look simply awesome but many peoples don’t like these stock android dialers. So thanks to the android, it allows you to replace the default Dialer app with any of the below apps to enjoy some fresh and innovative features.

There are a lot of apps on the play store designed to help you to manage your contacts and personalize your Android dialer. With a dialer app, you can customize the calling experience on your Android phones. So here we compiled the collection of Best Dialer app for Android from the play store.

7 Free Contacts and Best Dialer app for Android in 2020

There is a lot of dialer app available on the play store. But the problem is which one is perfect for your android device.
Below, I compiled the list of best dialer app for Android from the play store after reviewing every single app in term of looks, user experience, and additional features. so let’s take a look and choose one of them to replace with your default Dialer.

1 ) Ready Contact List

Best Dialer App for Android


After reviewing the 20+ dialer app, I found a very Interesting Dialer app name Ready Contact List and now it is one of my favorite dialer apps because Ready offers the Call Bubble, an interesting new feature that integrates various applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, etc. Ready also keeps you up to date while there’s an incoming call.

Ready Contact List has a number of smart features that offer a whole new way to manage and interact with your contacts. It provides a very unique and beautiful design interface that everyone likes. That’s why this app is 1st on my list. It is the Best Dialer app for android.

The app is free, but there’s also a Pro version (with some really cool features like the predictive dialer and various themes). The interesting part of this is, you can also unlock the premium features for free, by earning points via referral code.
Ready gives you awesome and pretty interface and that’s why this is the Best Dialer app for android.

2 ) Contact+

Best Dialer app for android

Contacts+ will quickly replace your standard dialer and messaging app. it integrates your social networks and other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc into one neat user interface. This feature is a lot similar to the Ready Contact list app.

it offers contacts and SMS backup, caller ID and spam filter. For additional security, you can make use of the inbuilt app lock. The user interface of this app is just awesome.

Price: Free+

3 ) TrueCaller

Best Dialer App for Android

Truecaller is one of the best caller ID & dialer and with 100 million downloads, this app is the most popular one in our list. It offers you to identify unknown calls, block spam calls and SMS. It has one of the biggest phone number databases in the world, so you will never have to pick up an unknown number again.

The app also offers exclusive ringtones. It also has flash messaging to share location, emoji, and status. The pro mode monthly subscription can be bought as an in-app purchase, which removes all advertisements, and lets you send 30 contact requests in one month.

4 ) ExDialer & Contacts


ExDialer is very easy to use but powerful Android Dialer App, it has a smooth & user-friendly interface. It comes with tons of useful features such as a smart T9 algorithm, easy messaging and calling gestures along with customization to boot.

You will be able to manage your contacts with its rich amount of features. ExDialer supports more than 30 languages, which is pretty impressive. The app lets you add a variety of plugins and themes, which make ExDialer even more functional and customizable. This feature makes the app more worthy to download and it is one of the best dialer apps for Android at this time.

5 ) Dialer+

Best Dialer App for Android

Dialer + is another excellent and one of the Best Dialer App for Android with tons of features and functions. It doesn’t require any special permissions. But to use it, you must install the contact plus. Dialer plus includes a spam call and SMS filtering module, that helps you to block unwanted spam calls and block private numbers.

Dialer+ shows images of your Facebook and Google+ contacts, it’s really easy to navigate and has a clean, modern UI.

Dialer +
Price: Free

6 ) Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe

Best Dialer App for Android


It Makes your android dialer app smarter than before and you can control your contacts and dialer both with a single app.
This dialer app comes with lots of features and customizable options so you can customize your interface as you would be like. The app also offers a standard T-9 dialler, complete with speed searching.

Drupe comes with a lot of additional features including call blocker and smart caller ID that helps you to find block unwanted calls and identify the unknown numbers. The latest version of this app includes a new interesting feature called Walkie-talkie, which lets you send and receive recorded audio messages.

7 ) Caller Screen Dialer Caller ID

Best Dialer app for android

Caller Screen Dialer one is a great Dialer App for Android which will change your dialer look totally. You can get a tons of features including, T9 photo search, HD themes & multi-language themes, Automatic & Manual Call Recording, Quick Bubble Tools like Notes, Calculator & Calendar on call, HD Themes, Incoming and Outgoing Caller ID, Block or Unblock Contact with call blocker, Privacy Hide Caller ID on incoming Calls, etc.

You can get the bundle of themes that can help you to change the interface of the dialer and contact list. you can also hide the private numbers and private incoming calls.

Final Verdict:-

After reviewing the 20+ Dialer app, I found 7 free Best Dialer app for android that is worthy to replace with stock dialer app. But Contact plus and Drupe dialer apps I like the most in the above list.

If I say clearly, then I would not like to change my default phone dialer with any third party’s free dialer. Cause there are many unwanted and irritating ads display on the screen while using the internet, but if you are really not happy with your default Dialer app then you can download any phone dialer of them listed above.

I hope you love this article and like these dialer apps so don’t forget to share this article and Let me know in the comment which dialer app you like the most and why?

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  1. Random picked ExDialer is “free” according to you, while it’s actually not free, it’s not even crippleware, it’s a trial version expiring in 5 days.


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