The Best Features of macOS Mojave

In this article, you will be enlightened with the best features that make the macOS Mojave most favorite for its users, We are always ready to share the best explanation that could be found, researched, over-viewed, and explained by the experts.

Everything that you would be enlightened about in this article is based on the macOS Mojave best features, from macOS and windows comparison.

We have worked and over-viewed on each and every feature that could be found from a comparison between both operating systems.

Without wasting any of time, let’s get to the best features of macOS  Mojave that are found by the comparison between macOS and Windows.



As the MacOS High Sierra allows you to turn your macOS display into dark mode but still has a lot to work on as it leaves dues about brightness and display,

The macOS Mojave allows you to fully turn your macOS screen into a dark mode theme turning all the running apps into dark mode as all the applications of the macOS can turn in dark theme,

Apple’s apps have the Dark Mode design built-in. In short with the macOS Mojave, dark mode you can turn your MAC’S menu and docks entirely dark including the whole desktop dark and attractive. 


The Dynamic desktop piggybacks the dark mode theme of the macOS Mojave feature it gives the user the awesome dynamic concept of the Mojave desert with the running cycle its warmth and temperature.

This feature turns your mac’s desktop into a dynamic concept of Mojave Deserts and turns the color of the wallpaper throughout the day with warm morning light Shots, and in the afternoon it changes it with the warm temperature as in the Mojave desert, while in the evening it turns your mac’s screen with the cool evening light,

The system automatically changes the image every 90 minutes to perfectly cycle through them for a 24-hour chain.


Do you ever feel guilty for destroying your beautiful macs desktop with tons of icons littering here and there, with tons of files, tons of icons, and loads of data making your beautiful desktop look like trash?

If you ever desired anything that would let you organize your desktop, Then thank the Mojave macOS that would be a blessing for your desktop cleaning service which will clean and tide all your icons mess in an organized form of stacks,

The stacks can be formed according to the time, date, tags, storage, names, or anything you can desire of starting with. All your files, images, and essential docks would be saved in the form of stacks that allow you to have the beauty of your desktop back again.

You can expand the stack to locate the desired file, This ability comes with an easy feature of addressing the file or attachment to an easy grabbing option while you write an email and have to attach files.


The Cover Flow is now updated with the Gallery in the macOS Mojave, letting you experience better features with it.

The Gallery view is although the same as the Cover Flow which shows a larger thumbnail, allowing you to go through the opened thumbnail while letting you go through an organized small thumbnail for previewing along the bottom.

Unlike the Cover Flow, the new updated macOS Mojave which features Gallery view allows you tools to do more than just preview the images, making it more of a useful option for Mojave.

The new Gallery View is particularly better because it allows you to browse photos in finder as it shows the metadata of the file, with additional tools to customize with quick actions that let you rotate a photo without the need to download it in the PDF format or import it from the Photos app.

Markup Tools in More Places:

The newly updated macOS Mojave has added more markup tools in the field of the Finder, Quick Look, and screenshots, for making it easy to sign up for a PDF or annotate a photo or screenshot with ease.

Making it easy and helpful and intensively fast, letting you use preview with less frequency in the Mojave because you can easily do basic annotation and markup in the Finder itself.

New Screenshot Tool:

Now it is easy to annotate and do quick work while taking a screenshot on a mac device as it has done on the iPhone with iOS 11 in it.

Making it more of a time-saving application that allows you to take a screenshot and quickly share it on different stages or do markup or annotating on it easily just a bonus one of Mojave itself.

Safari Finally Gets Favicons:

As Chrome is a personal favorite of most users because it has favicons which are the small icons on the tabs that allow you to differentiate and markup the bookmarks easily, which were always missing on the safari used in the mac.

But no more now the safari comes with the favicons to a huge addition in the macs personal browser making it get some additional points in the macs goal.



The Apple company claims not to have any third-party apps merging over it rather than iOS with mac.

This multi-year project is making an embracement for allowing apps to port easily on mac through the iPhone as proof of the concept.

This has bought the iOS, Stocks, stalwarts News, Home, and Voice Memos to macOS Mojave.

Group FaceTime:

Now with the macOS Mojave, up to 32 people will be joining the faceTime

At the same time make your group FaceTime into PartyTime.

Continuity Camera:

Mojave has introduced a new continuity feature in it, which allows you to take snaps by your iPhone and transfer it on the mac easily just like dropbox.

You can scan and transfer your photo easily from your iPhone with annotate and overview by it which will be transferred on the mac a useful and helpful feature by the macOS in the latest Mojave.

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