A Complete Guide to Google Search Console

If you have a website, tracking its performance is vital. Because the success of your website depends on how well it performs. There are different tools out there to help you track the performance of your website, and Google Search Console is one of them. Google Search Console is one of the most important SEO tools that keeps your website healthy and SEO-friendly.

It gives valuable insights and reports to improve the performance of your website.GSC not only helps to find out the technical issues in the website but also helps you know where you are ranking on Google. Also, you can check out low-cost shared hosting plans to take your website online and make its SEO game strong.

Doesn’t matter if you are new to SEO, or the web hosting world, you can start your own web hosting business.

So, if you are curious to know about the concept of Google Search Console, here we have curated a guide for you. It explains everything about Google Search Console. So we will understand the basics and how beneficial Google Search Console can be for your website.

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is basically a free web service offered by Google. It’s ideal for webmasters and gives access to a number of tools and reports to monitor, manage and optimize their websites on the Google search engine.

Google Search Console gives you valuable information that can make the optimization of your website easy. Fixing all the errors, checking backlinks, submitting sitemaps, indexing, optimizing your website, and so much more. Google Search Console offers everything your website needs to improve its performance.

Why Use Google Search Console?

Google Search Console

As Google Search Console is specifically designed to monitor the performance of your website, the most important thing you will get to know is what aspects your website needs to improve.

For example, the areas of improvement could be the underperforming keywords that result in low traffic or maybe indexing problem or crawl errors. Search Console notifies you when a new error occurs so that webmasters can fix it quickly.

Also, Google Search Console allows you to:

Google Search Console Dimensions and Metrics

Here are a few terms you should know before using GSC:

Queries: The search terms people use to search on Google. Like the query, you type in Google, “The best grocery store near me.”

Clicks: In terms of Google Search Console, the click metric means the behavior of Google searchers. Say if a user selects a link that heads them from Google Search to your website, then it is counted as one click. But, if the user clicks the link and then clicks the back button, and then again clicks on the same link again, even it is counted as one click.

Average Position: This depicts the rankings of your pages for particular queries or queries. It represents the average ranking position of your page on the Search Engine.

Google Search Console Guide

Impressions: The number of times a page from your website appears on Google Search Engine Rankings. This can be the total figure for the page or the number of impressions it gets for a certain query.

CTR: Click-Through Rate(CTR) is the number of users that click on your result and then come to your website. It is basically calculated by the Impressions multiplied by 100 and is represented in the form of a percentage.

Features in Google Search Console

GSC is a highly robust tool that offers a wide range of features to keep your website up to date. We have listed down a few here:

Mobile-First Indexing

As the number of mobile users is increasing, it’s important that your website is indexed by Google. Thus, the Google Search Console has a mobile usability feature that tells you if your website is optimized for mobile or not.

Sitemap Submission

If you use the sitemap for your website, you can submit them directly to Google using Google Search Console.

Search Results

In the Google Search Console dashboard, there’s a metric called search result. With this, you can see where each page is for specific keywords. You can even use it to track your rankings after making any changes or optimizations to your website.

Here are some more reports available in Google Search Console.

Overview Report: It gives you the overall performance of your website.

Index Report: It gives you insights into how well Google is indexing your pages. You also get to know how many of your pages are indexed. And what is the error behind indexing the page?

Performance Report:

One important data that Google Search Console offers is the performance report. It shows how your pages are performing in the Search Engine. Where is your page ranking for which keyword called “queries?

Link Reports:

The Link reports show which websites have been linked back to yours. It also shows which of your pages have the maximum links.

Wrapping Up

The Google Search Console is a great tool every website owner should use. It gives you information about your website’s performance in Google searches and how you can take measures to improve its SEO. Hope this guide has given you brief insights about the Google Search Console.


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