Concept of Windows

Windows Concept: -Window term is used for various versions of Microsoft’s GUI operating system ms-window, in which we get an environment in which all the features are pictorially in the form of icons, menus, buttons, etc. The name of this operating system is named Windows because every software in it opens as a rectangular graphics box, which can be used in the window frame. There is a lot of stuff and through which we can get the computer out of the letters just typed from the keyboard and see it as a new environment. This picturesque environment has proven to be very useful in making the world of computers interesting and easy. Windows first came in the form of software under the DOS operating system, whose Windows 3.1 version became very popular. Subsequently, in 1995, it was released as a complete operating system under the name of Windows 95, so far many versions were released such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Vista.

In this article, everyone wants to know what Windows is, so in today’s article, it is telling what Windows is and how it works. Windows is a Microsoft product (Windows) Windows is installed in every computer in India and It is easy to use.

Concept of Windows

Windows is an operating system that works on graphics and with the help of this it saves time. The operating system used before it used to operate in command and it was time-consuming to spend, so this operating system It has been made simple so that everyone can easily use it and you can do any kind of work in it, which is also easy to save time.

Windows, also known as Microsoft Windows, is a computer program. Which is called Operating System. MS Windows has been developed by Microsoft. Windows is a well known OS, which is mostly used in desktop computers. At present, Windows has also been developed for small devices like; tablet pc, mobile phone, etc. Since the first version of Windows, many versions of Windows have come up to now. The latest version of Windows is Windows 10.

To understand more about Windows, we have information about operating systems, so we have been told about it below.

Operating System, In short, it is called an OS, a computer program that runs other computer programs. OS works as an intermediary between the user and the computer. It explains our instructions to the computer. This is done by operating other software programs and hardware.

The operating system makes it easy to use a computer properly.
Operating System hides the heavy hardware information from the user, so the user is not faced with a lot of information.
The operating system provides the user with a simple medium, so he can easily work on the computer.
Operating System acts as an intermediary between the user and the hardware so that the user can easily use the computer and its resources.
Managing the computer and its resources is an essential task of the operating system.

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