Why Using Digital Business Card is the Best Available Option

In this age, the integration of technology in our lives has increased more than ever, and in the last few years, the rate of change has become exceedingly fast. Here at the Cardxe.app, we have also chosen that we will not be bystanders and we have brought some changes of our own!

Where we have seen the introduction of conjoin Digital Papers, Digital Currency, and Digital Displays, we have decided to do something rather unique, and we have made Digital Business cards! We still remember that time when papers used to be trending (We’re looking at all youThe OfficeFans!), and the time when smartphones and digital screens used to be seen as something rather rare.

When we look back from that time, it sure is a big change!

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card

As the name suggests, Digital Business cards happen to be an electronic transition of traditional business cards and can be used in place of paper-made business cards. Now, making a Digital Business Card requires using an application.

We prefer using Cardxe as it gives the users the opportunity to create and share their created digital business cards with anyone having a smart device using any kind of platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat, Email, and many similar platformsSince you are able to share on just about any platform, you are able to build your network rather easily.

Having a digital card will allow you to communicate and connect with your clients and prospects in a better way.

When you have a digital business card, it is easier for you to share your contact details with people who are interested in your business or have better opportunities for your business. Cardxe allows you to create digital business cards for just about anyone even if they don’t have Cardxe installed on their mobile phones!

With a Digital Business card, you will be also able to recall your information through Digital Business Cards. This will also allow you to ensure that you are able to maximize your presence on the internet and have a chance to get better opportunities.

Why Should You Use A Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card

It may be hard for you to believe, but Business cards made out of paper have been around for the last four centuries. Since Paper is made from wood, this means that there are trees cut down to make paper business cards. Now, a study suggests that within the first week of when business cards are given, about 88% of people throw the given business cards out.

Considering the worrying situation of the world according to the environment, it only feels disappointing. Just imagine how many trees are cut down in vain. However, before we go any further and mention more reasons why it is better to use a digital business card, just ask yourselves a few questions:

Do you have the option where you are able to save a person’s information for as long as you want? Can you add a video on a business card? Do you have the option to add a calendar on a traditional Business card? Do you have the option to add numerous pieces of information to your business card?

We can only expect that your answer to so many of these questions is NO. Since everything is evolving these days, businesses these days remand that you have a totally functional Business card.

Let’s put a scenario in front of you: You meet about 100 people at a party. You give out cards to everybody. Referring to the study we mentioned above, only 12 people are going to be keeping your printed business card. Now, even out of these 12 People, only 8 of them are going to save your card details. Not the best investment of money, right? And we don’t think that you will be able to make many connections this way either.

Here are some statistics that we have collected to provide you with some insights about business cards so you can see how ineffective they are and what problems you can avoid when you stick with digital business cards:

Offer Very Small Benefits:

When your business uses Traditional Business cards, you have to invest a huge sum of money to get them printed. But when you compare to the benefit that they have to offer, it is rather minimalistic.

Since a lot of people throw out business cards within the first week, it is likely that they have forgotten all the ways of contacting you. A digital business card is going to stay with your prospects for as long as they like and they will be able to contact you through it any time!

Requires a Huge Some of Money:

Huge Some of Money

This may not seem so, but having Traditional Paper Business cards are more costly and offer terrible money spent on them.  How so? Well, as the study suggests, out of 100, only 12 people are going to be keeping the business card and the rest will be thrown out.

When you stick with a digital card, you just have to make a single digital business card of which you will be able to make unlimited copies. You can share as many copies as you want and you are never going to run out of stock!

Things Have Changed Substantially:

As already mentioned in this read before, Digital business cards have been around for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, they were used for the first time in the 15th Century in China. Fast forward to the 211th Century, Nowadays, only 18% of people exchange traditional business cards.

Needless to say, traditional business cards have become the methods of old, and since everyone has Smartphones at this time, Digital cards have a higher chance of being successful.


Considering all the information mentioned above, we hope that you are clear on what digital business cards actually are and what are the losses of being stuck with the traditional methods.

Get your Digital Business cards now!

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