Groundhog Vs. Actionetics Comparison

As we go along with our comparison we would like to tell you some things about Groundhog and what Groundhog is all about.

What is Groundhog?

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Groundhog is a little plugin that you include in your administrator area of WordPress. This plugin is known as a self-hosting plugin. Is just used to put some extra features in WordPress for better use and improve the quality of your website.  

Features of Groundhog:

Self Hosted

It is a self-hosted plugin that you include in your WordPress website to improve administrator features. This plugin brings flexibility, speed, compatibility, and customizability to your website and all these things can be controlled by you.

This can improve your online business and can give you new control over your business. 

Open Source

This software is open source which means that anyone or everyone can use it and can make it a better CRM. in open source you can do whatever you please to be fit as you can fix bugs or customize the software as you see fit and then, later on, send the report to the manufactured team that these things have been changed. 

Your Business Your Data

As Groundhog is open-source and self-hosted then it indicates that your data is safe with you and no other company can access it. If anything happens or someone forces you to gain your data by any means your data will be lost forever means it will be removed or will be deleted.

Active Community 

If you are having some difficulties in installing the plugin or something else so do not worry because the Groundhog community is active all the time and you can simply request them to help you.

The professionals at Groundhog are ready to assist you at any time of the day as they are waiting for you to reach them for help. 

Deep In WordPress

The website that you created with the help of WordPress is part of your business as well as your CRM. Groundhog provides you with a user experience that will help you construct your website just like you do in WordPress.

This platform is similar to WordPress. The platform is making a large effort to spread all the platform experiences of Groundhog to the people so they can be characterized by their own experience between WordPress and Groundhog. 

Security Is Priority

As you know Groundhog is open-source so some people worry about their data will get breached.

But the Groundhog community gives satisfaction that they will protect your data by any means necessary as they have third parties for this work that will always keep a check on your data so it can not be breached by someone. 

Developer Oriented

This platform lets the developers have all the power. With the help of their open funnel API, you can have what you want and can switch things around by your own code.

Moreover, you can add benchmarks, custom actions, APIs, and much more things as you like. Furthermore,  using the WordPress API you can do whatever you want, you can code anything on Groundhog as you see fit. 

Transferable And Exportable

If you built some funnels in GroundhoG you can easily share them, export them and install them between WordPress without worrying of losing data, functionality, or confusion.

If you are scared of importing or exporting funnels then you do not have to be anymore you can do it without losing any data.

Specialty Integrations

Groundhog provides you with a whole bunch of extensive integrations for your WordPress plugins. The extensions will help you create new websites and give a lot of features that you can include on your website. These extensions work best with eCommerce websites and forms.

Comparison Between Groundhog And Actionetics

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As we have introduced you to Groundhog and its features. Now, is the time for the main course which is the comparison between Groundhog and Actionetics. 

Plan Type

The plan type of these two is quite different as Groundhog has no plan type as it is a free plugin that you can include in WordPress. However, Clickfunnels Actionetics does have a plan type that is included in the pro subscription of Clickfunnels. 


Groundhog lets you have as many contacts as you want for your website Actionetics can allow an unlimited number of contacts but can be used when you avail of the pro subscription plan. 


In Groundhog you can send as many emails as you please because you are the host as for the Actionetics the emailing depends on the AMTP service.


Groundhog allows you to have unlimited users as for Actionetics, it allows only one user at a time. 


We hope that our article will be beneficial for you and help you in choosing what’s best for you. 

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