Hostinger vs SiteGround : Best Web Hosting?

If you are planning to launch a website then choosing a good web hosting provider to host your site may seem like not an easy decision. You need a good provider that is reliable, performs well, and is budget-friendly all at the same time. So in this article, we have conducted a head to head comparison of two popular names from the web hosting industry, Hostinger vs SiteGround.

Here, I compare both of these web hosting platforms, based on real-world data. Be it site uptime, competitive pricing, performance, speed and customer service.  In order to make this article more accurate and unbiased. I wanna tell you that I’ve used both of these hostings for my site. So I’ve used my own data and also used a few SiteGround and Hostinger reviews as a source for comparing the two of them.

Hostinger vs SiteGround In-depth comparison.

Hostinger is a very affordable hosting provider that offers multiple different hosting options, such as Shared, Cloud, VPS hosting. It is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market today that gives you great performance. While the other hand SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting providers in the WordPress community. They are known for the best 24/7 support which is why they’re an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. (

In this SiteGround vs Hostinger comparison, we found that both of the providers claim to prioritize great customer experience and performance. But SiteGround claims to offer superior and best customer support, while Hostinger claims about its value for money service. So here I’ve provided all the details about both of them.

Hopefully, this comparison will help you to choose the right hosting provider for you.

So Let’s take a look! which one is the best?

1: ) Pricing

Pricing is an important factor, everyone considers before selecting a web hosting. Here is the price comparison of Hostinger and SiteGround.


Hostinger offers three major plans. And it is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market with the pricing starting at $0.99/month and going up to $4.49/mo. Hostinger offers three major plans. Customers are free to choose any of them according to their needs. Hostinger charges $3.49/month for its premium package and $4.49/mo for its Business shared plan. There is also a single plan which is starting from $0.80 per month but only if you pay for 48-months, otherwise it’ll also cost you $1.95/mo for 12 months. They also provide VPS Service starting from $3.95/mo.

Hostinger vs SiteGround

Business Web Hosting plan is the top of the line. You’ll pay as little as $3.45 per month for 48 months. But if you wanna buy for 12 months it will cost you $4.45/mo. In this Plan, you’ll get all the benefits of the premium plan with extra and advanced features. all plans give you free SSL and Free Domain except a single plan.

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Siteground is way expensive than Hostinger but good for websites that are more complex or demanding in terms of features and functionality. It also offers three major plans, Startup, Grow Big and Go Geek Plan. SiteGround’s shared hosting is the best way to start a new website. Siteground Charges $3.95/month for its Startup Plan where you can host only 1 website with limited bandwidth and storage.


Grow Big plan offers multiple websites hosting and unlimited bandwidth with some advanced security features, it will cost you $5.95/mo including free SSL. This plan is most suitable for beginners because the Sitground offers 24*7 support.

SiteGround vs Hostinger: In terms of pricing Hostinger is a cheaper option. So here our clear winner is Hostinger.

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2: ) Hosting Features

Hosting features is another main factor, everyone considers it before selecting web hosting. People wanted to choose an ideal hosting that meets his requirements and budget.


Siteground is one of the most popular and recognized the name in the web hosting market. It is also recommended by WordPress itself for managed WordPress hosting. Here are some features users might appreciate :

  • Ease of Use: Siteground offers its basic Cpanel for advance setup and its basic set up is very easy to install even for a newbie. But for advanced setup, Cpanel is a bit confusing for non-technical people. The most impressive thing about SiteGround is its flexibility and durability.
  • Security Option: Siteground offers various security options with bundles of free features. They include a basic package with regular monitoring, updates and DDoS protection and extended package with IP blacklist, SpamExperts, free SSL, etc. Siteground WordPress hosting is integrated with Cloudflare. So, you get the additional DDoS and protection from Cloudflare. They also safeguard against the SQL injection attack.
  • Free Features: Siteground provides free website migration with its hosting package. It also offers SSL and CDN for additional security and speed.


As I mentioned many times here that, Hostinger is one of the most affordable hostings in the market with great features. Users should not expect pretty much for that value but still, Hostinger doesn’t let you down with their services. Here are some features users might appreciate :

  • Ease of Use: The platform offers its custom control panel that is more user-friendly if compared to traditional dashboards. The setting up process is simple even for beginners also.
  • Security options: Hostinger offers Cloudflare integration, which provides DDoS and intrusion protection. It also does a great job by keeping WordPress and plugins up to date, which is one of the most common reasons that people get hacked. Hostinger doesn’t have as many security features you found in Siteground.
  • Free features:  It offers some free features that include SSL certificates and marketing options. Its drag-and-drop website builder is a good solution for non-technicians who find it daunting to work with CMS like WordPress. The tool is available for free.

3: ) Uptime

Uptime is known as the uninterrupted time your site hosting service provider experiences. Downtime (interrupted time) is a situation no business owner would want to deal with. Uptime is the most crucial factor, you have to very careful while choosing a web hosting for our site. A single downtime in a day can have a considerable effect on your earnings and website reputation. So almost 100% uptime of the website is important for everyone.

Luckily, both SiteGround and Hostinger provide 100% uptime. I’ve used Siteground shared hosting for one of my websites for the last 1 year but Has no recorded downtime yet.


  • Has no downtime recorded yet, Little downtime was recorded while uploading a big file, Otherwise almost 100% uptime.


  • No downtime recorded from last 1 year

Hostinger vs SiteGround: Both Hostinger and SiteGround provide almost 100% uptime. So Tie here.

4: ) Performance and Speed

As we know that “The first impression is the last impression”, And your website response time is the first thing a user will notice. So if your website speed is slow, the user will abandon your site in no time. No matter how much your website is feature-rich and elegant looking. Just like other features, speed is crucial to your website. It is one of the major elements that determine your site’s user experience.


Hostinger does a great job in terms of performance. When we compare the response time of Hostinger, we find that it is very fast as compare to other hosting providers. Hostinger’s response time is 89ms which is absolutely fast. So with Hostinger, you don’t have to compromise with speed and user experience.


When it comes to loading speed and uptime, Siteground looks flawless. SiteGround is a great choice if your target audience is mostly located in the United States. The server responded in a fraction of a second in the United States. When we tested the response time of Sitegound, we find that it is also very fast but far behind Hostinger’s response time. Siteground’s server response time is 459ms, But in the united state’s server, it decreases to 264ms.

SiteGround vs Hostinger: In terms of performance and speed Hostinger is a bit fast than Siteground. At the same time, both platforms have a good loading speed and data centers located in different parts of the world. But in this comparison stats show that our clear winner is Hostinger.

5: ) Customer Support

Most of the users do not pay enough attention to customer support while choosing a web hosting company. But its also an important factor just like Uptime, Performance, pricing, and speed. Every hosting company provides some kind of support service for its customers. But not all are equally capable in terms of offering active solutions to their user queries.

Hostinger And Siteground

Let’s take a look and us analyze the customer support of Hostinger vs Siteground.


The dedicated Hostinger hosting support team is available 24/7. Hostinger offers a 24/7 live chat and ticket support option. But Hostinger has one drawback. If you’re not logged in or if you’re not their potential customer, you do not have a chance to use the Live Chat feature and ask questions. To test Hostinger, we contacted to Hostinger live chat option. In less than a minute, we got connected to a live agent, we told our problem. The agent knew just what to do, and didn’t need to put us on hold or tell us to wait while. And within 11 minutes from when we connected, he had completely resolved our problem.


SiteGround claims to offer superior and best customer support in the whole web hosting industry. They are literally known for the best 24/7 proactive support. To test SiteGround, we contacted to Siteground.  In less than a minute, we got connected to a live agent and were able to tell them the problem.  After telling the same problem, The agent knew exactly what the problem was and knew what to do to solve it. we waited for at least 6 to 7 minutes for the agent to navigate to the cPanel and then solve the issue. SiteGround support team is a bit faster than Hostinger to understand and solve the problem.

Hostinger vs SiteGround: In terms of customer support Siteground is a bit faster than Hostinger. Their customer support is really as great as they claim. However, both of the companies are great at helping their customers. But still, Siteground win this one.

Hostinger vs SiteGround: Final Winner

SiteGround offers premium customer support while Hostinger shows unbeatable performance results at affordable prices. Both hostings have some drawbacks and specialties, so you can choose according to your needs. If you’re a newbie and have a small blog and wanted a good hosting company that gives you great performance at affordable prices then go for the Hostinger. But if you wanted a hosting that provides you great support and security at the nominal prices then you can surely go for the SiteGround.

So which one is actually better according to our comparison?

Let’s count the points. Hostinger gets pricing and performance while SiteGround wins at customer support and features. User experience and uptime are almost equal. So Choosing a winner for this shootout wasn’t easy. It is easier to purchase Hostinger services and its very affordable for beginners. So, by a fraction, our winner is Hostinger. but in the end, – it’s up to you to decide!

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