How to Get high PR Dofollow Backlinks for free : Best Sources

As you come here, that means you want to know about how to Get High PR Dofollow backlinks for your site.

When newbies think of sources to get high-quality backlinks, they mainly think about Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Guest Posting, etc. I agreed that these are very powerful sources to get backlinks.

Nowadays making backlinks using commenting is also not easy because most blog owners no-follow the outgoing backlinks which doesn’t matter for SEO.

First of all, let me tell you about how different are do-follow and no-follow links.
Cause most newbies bloggers don’t know about the structure of No-follow and Do-follow links.

Example of Nofollow and Dofollow backlink codes

Below I have mentioned examples of NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks from which it will disclose that which is the Nofollow link and which is the Dofollow link.

Dofollow link :-
  •  <a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Example 1</a>
  •  <a href=””>Example 2</a>
Nofollow links :-
  •  <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Example 1</a>
  •  <a href=”https://www.” rel=”external nofollow”>Example 2</a>

Benefits of Dofollow Backlinks

Do-follow backlinks are so important factor these days for getting a higher rank in search results.

Get High PR Dofollow backlinks

If you wanna rank your website to Search Engines by improving Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Page Rank then you need to Get High PR Dofollow backlinks for your site.

Note:- If you are going to create do-follow backlinks for your site then remember one thing when creating backlinks to your blogs, always focus on getting both do-follow and no-follow links. Trying to build only do-follow links sends wrong signals to search crawlers and they may penalize your sites.

9+ Best sources to get high PR do-follow backlinks for free

Many SEO experts believe High PR Backlinks are just a thing of the past and new SEO is completely different, so many would disagree with my points. But I must say building a few high PR backlinks may make your website more trustworthy which in turn will certainly boost your ranking.

Now I’m going to reveal the secret trick to Get High PR Dofollow backlinks for your site. Just follow the step-by-step process and add more authority to your site. This will magically improve your ranking.

1:- YouTube

YouTube is a powerful video-sharing platform owned by Google having PR9 ranking values. And you can also add your link in the about section but these all are no-follow backlinks. So, here is the proper way to get do-follow backlinks from it.

How to get high PR do-follow backlink from YouTube

1:- Login to YouTube using your Google account.
2:- Go to Advanced Channel Settings > Associated Website.
3:- Add your site URL to Associated Website.

Note: You need to verify ownership of your blog using your Google Webmasters account to add your site in the associated tab.

2:- Google+

Google+ is one of the most popular social media websites by Google. Google+ is also one of the best places to promote your blog posts and believe me you can get many powerful high-quality backlinks from it.

But only a few people know that Google+ is a PR9 site and getting high-quality do-follow PR9 backlinks from Google Plus is quite easy.

Get high PR dofollow backlink from Google+

1:- Login to your Google+ account.
2:- Go to Profile > About.
3:- Add your blog URL in the Links.
4:- That’s all! Now you’ll successfully have high authority backlinks from Google+.

Google+ is no more working. Try different.


Blogger is a blogging platform to create a blog for free owned by Google. You can also get do-follow backlinks from in a very easy way.

Get do-follow backlinks from

1:- Create a free blog from
2:- Write some good articles.
3:- Link your main blog URL from it.
4:- That’s all! You’ll successfully get do-follow backlinks from Blogger

4:- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site that connects millions of people around the world. It is a great site for people (especially bloggers) who wanted to be connected to people over the world. LinkedIn is giving an opportunity to grab high authority backlinks so, nobody wants to miss it.

Get do-follow backlinks from LinkedIn

1:- Create a profile on LinkedIn.
2:- Complete your profile by filling in the necessary details.
3:- add your blog link in the profile section ( this link is a Nofollow backlink )
4:- Create a Brand Page on LinkedIn associated with your blog.
5:- that’s all! Now you got a high PR backlink from LinkedIn.

5:- is also a free blogging platform where you can build awesome blogs for free. You can easily give no-follow or do-follow backlinks to any website using WordPress.

Get High PR do follow the backlink from

1:- Create a free blog on
2:- Write good articles.
3:- Link your main blog URL from it to get do-follow backlinks from
4:- That’s it!

6:- Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users.
Getting do-follow backlinks from Quora is a great idea because Quora has high page rank & authority and it can also boost your search engine ranking.

When somebody searches for a question on Google then quora also came with results with higher ranking so if you got a backlink from quora then you can get a high PR backlink and huge traffic also.

How to get high PR backlinks from Quora

1:- Create an account on Quora and choose topics related to your website.
2:- Give answer some questions with your blog post link related to the question.
3:- That’s all! You got a backlink (but this type of backlink is Nofollow)

Note:- You can also add your blog link in the profile section.


Mozilla web browser’s website is also a great source of high-quality PR9 backlinks. Earlier, Mozilla used to allow you to add links from your profile but now they have removed this facility.

But you can also get a high PR Backlink from the forum by smartly dropping a link to your website in any of the threads.
Mozilla forum is not PR9 like but it is PR6.

8:- Reddit

Reddit is the most popular social bookmarking site with high page rank and authority. You will not only get quality backlinks from it but you can also get traffic to your blog from Reddit.

Get high PR do-follow backlinks from Reddit

1:- Create an account on in if you’ve already made)
2:- Fill in all the required details and complete your profile
3:- Submit your blog post link.
4:- That’s all! Now you’ll successfully get high PR & high authority backlinks from Reddit


Adobe is yet another great source of free high PR9 backlinks. And the process is the same here. Like Mozilla, Adobe has also stopped allowing you to add your web URL to your profile. But you can also get a High PR do follow a backlink from
Here is how –

Get high PR Do-follow backlink from

1:- First you need to register and create a free account on
2:- Next, fill in all the required details and complete your profile and verify your account.
3:- Now visit Adobe forums and start a meaningful thread discussing your problem. Make sure you don’t forget to drop your web URL to which you want to get do follow PR9 backlink.
4:- that’s all!


Though there are thousands of ways to boost blog traffic and drive more traffic to a site. But nothing can beat organic search traffic which is not only effortless but free also.

These are the complete do-follow backlink lists to Get High PR Dofollow backlinks to the websites. To build a few high PR9 backlinks from the above listed high PR backlink sources and methods.

I hope you like this, if so please don’t forget to make it social by sharing it as much as you can.

And if you have any queries regarding this, just leave a comment below.

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