What You Should Know About DipAwayMode.exe

DipAwayMode.exe: Many files are executable files and work for the better good of the system.

Some people think that these files are not good for any computer and can harm your PC in many ways but some people also think that these files are not harmful and are just files that need protection.

As we are going further in the article we would like to tell you about DipAwayMode.exe  and how you can fix DipAwayMode.exeThere are many things that you should know about this file before you even encounter it on your own.

However, if you are concerned about this file or you have encountered it before reading this article then this article will help you understand this file and can suggest ways to tackle this file.

So let us just move towards the article and let you know all about this file. 



The file is an executable file that is a component of the Asus system. The file does not mark any importance to Windows operating systems. The actual name of this file is Direct Away Mode which is part of the Asus system and this file is just a component of the Asus system. 

The file is created to entertain the AI suite and is also used for monitoring key presses and the movements of output devices such as the mouse and many others as the performance of the system are dependent on this file.

The file is designed in a way that it will work side by side or with integration into the Windows process. The process works with the diagnostic tool, system information, PC probe, file manager, logo editor, fan speed tools, and system update files of ASUS.

The abbreviation of this DipAwayMode.exe is Direct input away mode. The file is not so big and can be utilized in your system hard drive, which means the size of the file is just 1.3 MB.

Fix DipAwayMode.exe

This executable file is used for improving and maintaining the Windows operating system’s performance. DapAwayMode.exe is a part of the AI suite and is part of the ASUS computer’s and laptop’s system information.

The main use for this file is to twist the speed of your system which means it works for raising the performance of the system. 

Common Errors

As we go further with the article we would like to tell of some common error messages that you can face with DipAwayMode.exe. These messages can come into existence when you are facing some problems with system information or some other kind of problem with your system.

So let us take a look at the errors that come very often when something gets wrong with the file.

  • DipAwayMode.exe is missing
  • DipAwayMode.exe has encountered some problems and needs to be fixed
  • DipAwayMode.exe not found
  • DipAwayMode.exe failed to load


What is DipAwayMode

The functions of DipAwayMode.exe are diagnostic tools, system information, PC probe, file manager, fan speed tools, system update files from Asus, and many more features that are hidden or are not in so much use.

The Asus company is a vendor of electronic appliances which are computers, mobiles, and laptops and the file DipAwayMode.exe is their genuine file which is installed in every product of their company.

The process works side by side with the Windows process and Asus also puts a check on its programs that they do not harm the operating system in any way.

The location where you can find this program in the Windows operating system is C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III (it can be AI suite I as well as AI suite II it is on you what suite you have installed in your PC\DIP 4\DipAwayMode.exe\.

There are many cases when the executable file switch moves from its original place and it can be dangerous for the PC as well as the operating system.

So if this happens to you and this program changes its location on its own then it means the program has become a malicious program that needs to be removed from the computer immediately. 

You can check if the file is safe or not with any antivirus software or any anti-malware software that is available on the internet.

You can download them and can scan your system to check if the executable file is safe to use or not. 

How can you fix errors?

Before you fix the errors that refer to this file you should understand how the errors refer to this file on your system. If we say the file is safe and is under the protection of its original location then it’s correct and it means the file is safe and your system is safe.

But if the file is not found in its genuine location and instead of that location the file is found in C:\Windows\System 32\ then the file will be troublesome for the system and should be immediately removed. There are many ways to check if the file is original, you can scan it with an antivirus or an anti-malware.

You can also check the file online or the source of the file where you have downloaded it. There are many ways and we would like to tell some of them in this article. So if you have this problem that the file has stopped working then you should apply the methods below to fix it. 

  • If some error occurs with the file then you should reinstall the ASUS suite from your CD or you can download it from the genuine website of the program and then install it
  • You can also update your ASUS version to its latest version and you can download them from its genuine site to avoid problems in future
  • If these two above options are not working for you then you should try the system restore option

If you want to try the system restore option follow the below steps

  1. First, click on the start menu button that is located in the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Then, type system restore on the search bar and press enter
  3. After the window of the system, restore opens click on the Next button and then choose a backup date and then again click on the Next button
  4. Follow all the instructions and then the system restore tool will restore all the data from the previous date from where you have made your backup. 

But remember to back up your data every week to avoid problems and to apply the system restore tool to restore all the past data to the current date. 

How to Disable?

How to Disable

It is not a great reason to delete the file if there is some problem regarding the file because the file can be associated with the other programs too and if you delete the file it can cause some serious problems with your system and the programs that were associated with the file.

But you can disable the file if the file is creating problems in your system.

So the following steps that are written below can help you disable the file so your system and you can feel safe.

  1. First, open the AI suite window
  2. Then go to the settings menu 
  3. After that, in the menu uncheck the radio button that says Away Mode

These instructions will surely resolve your problem and will disable the DipAwayMode.exe so your system feels safe and it will no longer show the error messages as well.


 We have learned great things in this article about the executable file DipAwayMode.exe. If you have any queries regarding this file or any other file that is similar to this file then we will be very happy to help you.

We hope that you resolve all your problems regarding this file. If want to ask something comment in our comment section and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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