5 Simple Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name

Whether your business is a physical brick-and-mortar store or an online venture, it is the name that says a lot about it. Over 140 million .com domains are registered as of June 30, 2018. You want your domain name to stand out, right? Choosing the domain name is one of the first steps in starting your internet venture. So here are the 5 Simple Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name.


It plays a huge role in defining your business’s image. As unique and brandable domains are becoming scarce, choosing the right domain name for the business is more important than ever before. We’ve rounded up 5 factors you need to consider while picking a domain name for your blog or business. Let’s jump in without any delay!

1.   Target Audience

You need to know about your audience or customers before starting any business. What’s the age group of your target audience? Are they young or middle-aged or old? Are you targeting the audience from a certain location? You need to consider all these things as people often use search engines to find services.

Just think about what kind of search terms your potential customers may use. You need to step into the shoes of your customers to know the search terms they type. For example, choosing a domain name like “JamiesBaking.com” is better than going for something like “JamieWilliams.com”.

In the same way, if your services are catered for a specific physical location, consider adding a state or city name to the domain name. Choose something like “MiamiBakers.com” instead of “ClassicBakers.com”. This tip is 1st in my list of Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name.

2.   Domain Extension

Though there are tons of choices for domain extensions, it is sensible to pick something that works. Generally, the .com domain extension is the first choice of the majority of bloggers or businesses like our site domain is “alltechslot.com.” But, if you are services are meant for serving in only one country then picking a country domain extension is the right choice.

Simple Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name.

For instance, you can pick a .uk extension for your domain if your business offers services in the UK. Make sure you register the domain name from the ICANN-accredited and reputed domain registrars.

It is better to avoid the domain extensions like .info, .biz, .me, or .shop. They are considered low-quality domain names and the least memorable.

3.   Brandable Domain Vs Keyword Domain

Amidst the skyrocketing competition and sinking attention span of the average internet user, there is immense importance for brandable, memorable, and catchy domain names. On the other hand, having a keyword in your domain has got its own set of advantages. You need to strike a good balance between keyword optimization and brand quotient and figure out a domain name that describes your business as accurately as possible.

However, you do not need to completely describe your business in the domain name. Choose something short, crisp, and memorable at the same time. Search engines like Google consider domain names as one of the important factors for ranking websites.

Moreover, whenever people link to your website, they generally use the anchor text as our domain name. So, if you have a keyword-rich domain, it improves the chances of your website ranking for the targetted keyword.

For example, if you are trying to choose a domain name for your laundry business, having the word “laundry” in the domain name is a good idea.

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4.   Beware of Trademark

After brainstorming a few ideas you may have a list of domain names that seem to be good for your business. Now, do a quick search to see if there are any other sites or blogs, or company names out there with the same kind of brand name.

You may be mistakenly choosing a domain name that could be infringing the existing trademark. Whether it is by mistake or by choice, you may get sued by trademark owners and surrender your domain name to them.

So, always re-check before starting your internet venture. Trademark issues happen quite often in the internet world. Webmasters end up getting sued or losing their domains for choosing the trademarked domain name.

5.   Avoid Uncommon Characters

Avoid all kinds of uncommon characters. Though you can put symbols like hyphens in your domain, it is always better to avoid them. The hyphens are usually used by spammers to rank for the keywords. They also damage the reputation of your brand. So, throw away the uncommon characters and choose a domain name that is crisp and easily memorable.

Check out whether the words in your domain name run together. Ask your friends and know their initial reaction. Are there any unexpected surprises? You need to check how it rolls off the tongue.

For example “Axis” word can be wrongly pronounced as “Access” and your potential customers may end up typing “Access” instead of “Axis”.

Wrapping up…

Here we wrap up our Tips for Choosing A Winning Domain Name. Starting an internet venture is an inspiring endeavor! Choosing the perfect domain name plays a great role in your business’s success. A little forethought in choosing the right name will certainly pay higher dividends later. Choose something that you are going to stick with for a longer time. A domain name defines your brand reputation, search engine rankings, authority, and many more.

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