Types of OS

The operating system has always been with the computer. As the computer developed, the operating system also developed itself. The operating system is divided into several categories. But, here we will learn some of the major types of operating systems.

An operating system (OS) is the software that manages and controls the hardware and software resources of a computer. It acts as an intermediary between the computer user and the hardware and provides common services such as resource allocation, scheduling, input/output control, and data management. Windows, & Mac are two most famous OS are available in market.

Type Of OS

There are several types of operating systems:

1. Multi-User Operating System

This operating system offers more than one user the ability to work together. Hundreds of users can do their own work at this time on this operating system.

2. Single-user Operating System

In contrast, the Single-User Operating System allows only one user to work at a time. Many users can not work at this time on this operating system.

3. Multitasking Operating System

This operating system lets the user run many different programs at the same time. In this operating system, you can also write E-mail at a time and also chat with your friends.

4. Multi Processing Operating System

This operating system allows a program to run on more than one CPU.

5. Multi Threading Operating System

This operating system lets a different part of the program run together.

6. Real Time Operating System

Real Time Operating System processes the input given by the user immediately. The Windows Operating System is the best example.

7. Distributed OS

Allows multiple independent computers to work together as a single system.

8. Embedded OS

Designed to run on devices with limited resources and is intended for a specific function.

9. Mobile OS

Designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices.

10. PC (Personal Computer) OS

Designed for personal computers such as Windows and macOS.

11. Server OS

Designed for use in servers, providing network services and centralized management of data and resources.

Operating System is a very essential program for computers. Without this, a computer is an inanimate object, it is not wrong to say that. Using a computer without the operating system can prove to be a very difficult task. To understand the relationship between the operating system and the computer, you can understand the diagram given above.

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