What song is this? Best song identifier app

Looking for the best song identifier app? Ok! So have you ever been in a situation where you hear any lovely song you love and want to know What song is this? Because that song is stuck in your head and you don’t know the lyrics or you don’t know the name of the song. It’s turned worse when you don’t even know, who the hell is the artist of that song. It happens all the time.  Am I right? Especially whenever you scroll Tik Tok, every time some videos appear with a lovely and beautiful song. That will increase your curiosity in knowing the song.

So if you’re one of those whom we’re talking about above. And you literally want to know the name of the song. but the problem is that you didn’t get the lyrics so how do you find out the name of that song?  Luckily, there are lots of ways that can help you to identify songs. Even if you don’t have a recording of the song that you want to find or didn’t remember any lines of that song. Especially if it is a song in a foreign language. So here are a few ways to identify or find songs used in the TikTok videos, or how to identify any song?

“What song is this? I don’t remember the lyrics”

Well, relax! There are now a bunch of awesome tools out there that will tell you exactly what you’re hearing. Finding the Song Name Without Knowing the Lyrics is easy nowadays, Thanks to these apps. Music Recognition tools or Song identifier app were previously limited only to online or for desktop but the digital world is shifting to mobile devices. So now song identifiers are even available for android and iOS also. Here are some of the ways that can help you identify songs quickly.

Method 1) Find Music with your Smart Phone (Song Identifier App)

Song Identifier Apps are apps that enable your device to auto-detect almost any song or music you play and feed you with information about the song, the artist of that song, and the lyrics to the song. I have come up with the 2 best free song identifier apps for android and iOS.

1 ) Shazam ( Best Song identifier apps)

Song identifier apps

Shazam is one of the most popular song identifier apps used by millions of people each month. It is the undisputed king of all android music recognition apps. Easy to use interface, the app is amazingly fast in recognizing songs. Although ads on the free version are kind of annoying. With the help of this app, you can identify any song. Simply install the Shazam application on your phone, hold your phone towards the audio source, and hit the Tag button to let Shazam identify the playing music. It will provide you with all the relevant info you’d need to know, like the title of the song, artist, and album. It’s extraordinarily accurate.

2) Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

identify any song

This is one of the best and most reliable song identifier apps recommendable for all users. That is why this app got second place in our list of best free song identifier app for android. The app not only instantly identifies your music but also provides lyrics to the song. With the help of this app, you can enjoy the lyrics of the song. There is the world’s largest lyrics catalog, giving you synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translations for all your music. Identify and get the lyrics to any song that’s playing around you with one tap.

Method 2)  Find song names using your own voice

Use this method, when you even don’t have a small recording of the song. sing the song to the best of your ability or hum that tune by yourself which is stuck in your head.

1 ) Soundhound

In case you don’t have a recording of the song. Use this application to identify the song. SoundHound is the best song identifier apps for android users after Shazam. But unlike Shazam, it provides some of the different features that are worth it. This is easy to use, user-friendly interface, and amazing free app. Just download the app and open it on your phone. If you don’t have any recording of the song hum that tune yourself or sing it to the best of your ability. And Soundhound will be able to tell you what that song is.

2) Midomi

It is free to use online. Unlike Soundhound which is a smartphone app, Midomi is a website that will find your song if you can hum or sing for about 10 seconds. Midomi shows you a list of matching songs. For best results, keep the volume bar green and avoid background noise. You also have the option to play a short recording of that “unknown” track for Midomi to identify its name.

   Visit Midomi

Method 3) Use your Smartphone’s assistant to identify a song

If you use an iPhone or Android phone, then one of the simplest options for identifying a song that’s playing is to just ask your phone’s assistant. On Android, that assistant is called Google Assistant. And On the iPhone, it’s called Siri. All of these assistants have an in-built ‘song recognizer’ feature.

1 ) Google Assistant

what song is this?

Google Assistant can now identify what songs are playing around you. If you have an android smartphone, you can initiate Google Assistant by saying “Okay Google” or by hitting the Google App icon on your phone. Now go ahead. you can ask “what song is this?” or “what song is playing around me?,” and Google Assistant will automatically detect what the song is and give you all the details about that music, like the name of the song, the artist, lyrics, and YouTube, Google Play Music (of course), and Spotify streaming links.

2) Siri

what song is this?

Fire up your phone assistant by saying “Hey Siri”. Then simply you can ask “what song is this?” or  “Identify this song” or “name this tune for me”, and then hold your phone near the music source. Siri will automatically detect what the tune is, and Hurrah! the details of the song appear on your assistant screen with the name of the song, the artist, lyrics, iTunes link, and Spotify streaming links. Siri also works like Song identifier apps.

Wrap-Up: Song identifier app

So from now, no need to worry about finding or identifying songs, Whenever you scroll Tik-Tok or hear any unknown songs. You just need to follow the above tips to find out the song’s name. Here we shared all the easy and possible ways to identify songs. You can also use any virtual keyboard to find the song name like MelodyCatcher and Musipedia. But it’s tough to use that’s why we haven’t mentioned it in the above list. There are also many other song identifier apps available in the market but above we’ve shared a few best song identifier apps. 

Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and questions with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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