How to Write a Good Summary

A good summary is a condensed version of a larger text, which retains its main ideas and most important details. Here are some tips for writing an effective summary:

How to Write a Good Summary – Precious Tips

Say a brief description, summary, or summary. Writing script, getting an education from our school-college, getting a script, being a common author, or writer of the film world, there is an urgent assignment for students and writers, everyone needs a summary or a brief explanation.

Wherever writing is done, it is very important to have a brief description of the details. Most people have to face the problem of narrowing down the story, the text, or the message, or better. In view of the important things mentioned below in this article, we can prepare a brief method of any message, story, or important information.

Read the article with a simple look –

First of all, read the whole article with a simple look. Keeping in mind all the headings and sub-headings, try to know that after the article, the author wants to deliver the message to us. Try to read his article according to the author’s mind and thinking. This template is what the writer is trying to say through this article.

Use questionable words

You are reading the text of the book, an article, or any other article that you have to write a summary.
Then what do you, how, why, when, why, who, use these questionable words? These will help you to write a better summary. What is happening in what you read? Who is doing this? Who told whom? Ask questions

Highlight articles and create notes-

The summary should always be in short form and briefly highlight important information and start making notes. Keep in mind that the necessary information should not be discarded while doing so.

Write in your own words –

Most of the time, while writing a good summary, it should always be kept in mind that select the right and the words of itself.
This is a better way to prepare better summaries. Therefore, whatever point you want to write – all that is in your own words is more compulsory.
But keep in mind that you do not add any such information to yourself, which is not in the article or which is not related.

Do not write incomplete information –

When selecting handings or all the headings, it should be taken care that some important information is not discounted. At times when giving a short form, many times we make mistakes that we leave the important information in the roundabout.

Summary length-

While writing a Summary, often the question that comes to mind is how big a Summary should be written. To sum up, to about 1/4 the length of the actual article you have, type the summary. This length is said to be appropriate for writing any type of Summary.

In many exams, it is clarified in the question paper how many words you have to write in, then you write accordingly.

Select appropriate and inappropriate –

Always write the same message that holds the proper information for the message. Do not choose to be unreasonable. It could mess up your brief information.
Do not add any message from your side, just write according to what is in your article.

What things to keep in mind to write a better summary?

Brief diffusion has always matched the message. It has been written in the words of itself. Never write your own comments or descriptions Always write a message as abbreviations. Selection of important points carefully. Do not write incomplete information.

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